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Masters in Education

M.A. Blended Degree Specializing in Jewish Education



Elevate your professional standing with a Master's degree that combines global recognition and unparalleled faculty mentorship.


In our Master’s program, innovation is not just taught; it's the ethos that shapes our approach. We are actively redefining education within a dynamic and flexible learning experience


The Melton Master's Degree offers diverse and generous scholarship plans for excellence in previous studies, for professional experience and The Midcareer Fellowship Scholarships.


An international community where ideas transcend borders, and shared solutions become a powerful tool for shaping the future of Jewish education.

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The first blended-mode program leading to an academic degree from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem

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Learn about the experience of our students and graduates

"In this globalized and changing world, the study of the Hebrew language 'Leshon Hakodesh' plays an important role as an integral component of the construction of the Jewish identity of our students, unifying them culturally with the communities of Jews in the diaspora and in Israel. The study of Hebrew can be seen in the same way that we refer to learning any other knowledge base, this is one of the many components of Jewish Education. All of these elements must work in synergy to achieve a polished final product.  ;

The International Master of Education, specializing in Jewish Education, was very valuable; There I developed my leadership skills in formal and informal settings exploring issues of culture and identity in educational programs. Equipped with the skills necessary to develop curriculum and programs around the themes of Jewish communities around the world and Jewish education, I am now able to explore various opportunities for my students to immerse themselves in the language and Hebrew culture through various initiatives, mainly related to the land of Israel and its people.

Ada Halevi

Head of Languages (7-12),

Masada College (Australia) – Cohort 2021



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